Citizens Against Unfair Treatment of Internet Offenders Nationwide

Citizens Against Unfair Treatment of Internet Offenders Nationwide.

We are a group of Citizens who got together to fight against the unfair treatment that people receive when charged with an internet offense.  Many people charged under these crimes within the Federal justice system receive harsher sentences than other offenders charged with physical contact crimes under the state systems.


We are an activist group dedicated to the following goals:

1.  Changing current sentencing laws to those that more accurately fit the non-contact, non-violent crime of possession of underage pornography.

2.  Diminishing the market for this material and reducing internet accessibility to it by providing public education to inform people what behaviors constitute a violation of these laws.


3.  Remove non-contact and non-violent crimes from the sex offender registry.


4.  Develop a national support group for families facing these harsh penalties and collectively petition legislatures and governing agencies with mailings, mass callings and lobbying.


We are looking for assistance from attorneys and those in the legal field to help bring about change.   We are looking for individuals who are willing to offer us assistance and direction as to how best to proceed.  Sometimes it may simply require being available to answer questions that arise during meetings, planning sessions or while doing research.

We are also looking for a lobbyist who is willing to work for our cause and help spread the facts and dispel the myths that follow the sex offender label. 

Anyone interested in helping in any capacity, please contact us so we can discuss what you can do to help.



CAUTIONclick aims to deliver honest, accurate and current information.  We never accept or condone the sexual abuse of anyone.  We are not a legal resource.  Always contact any attorney or local law enforcement if needed.  We are not associated with, nor condone any pro-pedophilia groups such as NAMBLA, Girlchat, Boychat, Puella, or any other organization of this nature.  We do not associate with, nor endorse any political party.  We do not discriminate against any ethnic background, religious beliefs, gender or sexual preference.